Student grants

Students taking one of the three Master’s degrees in Landscape Architecture in the Netherlands – at Wageningen University, the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture and the TU Delft MSc track in Landscape Architecture – can apply for a grant two times a year. The closing dates for applications are 1 May and 1 November. Students are free to choose the topic and purpose of the initiative for which they are applying for a grant, but the Foundation requires that the activities make a useful addition to the student’s landscape architect degree programme and provide added value above the regular coursework. Applicants must submit a brief description of their initiative and a budget, making clear which part or parts of the activities the grant is intended to cover. In addition, the application should clearly state the duration and completion date of the activity. Decisions on the award of grants are made in May and November.

The amount of the grant is set by the Foundation. When the Foundation awards a grant the agreements made between the applicant or applicants and the board of the Foundation are set down in a letter. The applicant is expected to submit a short report on the activity within two months of completion. Half of the total sum of the grant is paid to the applicant in advance and the remaining half following submission and approval of the final report. If the Foundation does not receive the report within two years of the award of the grant, the applicant will be required to refund the first instalment of the grant payment.

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Application form

  • You must clearly state which part of the costs are to be covered by a grant from the NHBos Foundation.
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